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1% For The Planet

We just got our page set up on the 1% for the Planet website! 1% for the planet is a collective of environmentally conscious organisations donating money to drive positive change to OUR world. there’s about a 100% chance that you live on the same earth as us so it’s time to give a little back to the tired blue sphere we all call home. You can be happy to know that when you attend our events, pay for film submission or just share us on Facebook, you too, are doing something for our home.


0 Surf Film Festival Is Here!

imageThis year we have a prize pool of 6K with some serious industry hookups for winning filmmakers, including a 1 week internship on set at The Crew, Paid work, studio equipment, access to film seminars and yes, as always, cash.

To make the good news even better, entry costs $30 for everybody except you. Simply respond to this email and we will send you a unique code that you can use to gain free film submission, if your mate needs this more than you, forward the email to them so they can write to us and we’ll think about it ;-). that’s our way of saying, cheers, thanks for getting involved with us over these last 2 years as we shukka our way through every action sports type.

To name a few changes, we upped the max film length to 10 minutes and only your film trailers are available online. We also have a little help from a world champion bodyboarder and a well know indigenous surf creative, so check out our competition details page for all the info you want.

The last change you should know about is that we signed up for 1% For The Planet scheme, where we will donate 1% of total sales to environmental causes.

We want to give a special thanks to; Boardworld, Garage Entertainment, Open Channel, RENTaCAM, Audio-Technica & Jägermeister None of this would be possible without your kind donations of your epic products/services and support.


Artist Spotlight

Name, age, occupation, location?

My name is Al Wrath. I just turned 31, starting to go grey in my beard, that’s pretty normal for people married with kids. I draw stuff for a living, as well as working as a graphic designer. I just moved from New Zealand to Central Coast in NSW, Australia. My local beach is a spot called Avoca where I get surfed circles around by super human groms.

In your opinion, can people learn to be creative or are they born that way?

Yeah I believe everybody in this life has their thing that they can be exceptional at. They just need to believe in themselvesand have the right people around them to unlock it. There are a lot of amazing artists and designers but it is still always the naturally talented/passionate that really shine.

Other creative outlets?

I just finished shaping my first board, I glassed it myself which was the worst part. I would have done a better job at glassing a wild panda. It’s a 6’8 single fin egg. It rides really well. Heaps of speed and races the deadly shore breaks we have here in Central Coast. I love working with people too so I photograph weddings in the summer. I’m in love with my collection of beautiful glass. Each lens is like a child in a family band, who was created to play a different instrument perfectly. Sigma Art 35mm f1.4, Nikon 85mm D f1.8, Nikon 135mm D f2, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8.

Less or more?

I’ve always been about more. I love making everything really detailed but since generating a good instagram following, I’m noticing the most simplistic art gets the most appreciation. So now I’m stripping everything back, which is a nice feeling. It has somewhat reflected in my life and I am on a journey of single fins, one prime lens, point breaks over beachies.

What music do you listen to when you are creating your art?

I listen to a variety of music, all the time. I also find I learn really good while doing a task so I listen to a lot of spoken podcasts. Those things are gold for helping build whatever you are passionate about. Favourite bands/artists at the moment would have to be Eddie Vedders ukulele album, Ozzy Wrongs Ukelele Songs, Matt Corby, The Beats, Tomorows Tulips.

Why is art so important?

I believe everything in this world is creative. Everything has the same structure which is like a plant growing. Seed, sprout, nurture, fruit, seed, sprout, nurture, fruit and so on. We are all different trees. Some make beautiful flowers and some grow spikes, each has there purpose. Being creative is important as it releases you to be the real you.

What is your dream project?

Dream project would probably be to make a tandem bike big enough for everyone in the world to get on and go for ride on.

How can people support you?

I’d love for people to follow what I do on instagram @al_wrath. I keep it up to date and sometimes post up to 5 times a day when I’m smashing out the illos. I also have an online store that I sell my work through

Lords making perceptive art of a bowl in the sand